Sewing Machine Service

The Sewing Machine services and repairs not just all Husqvarna Viking®, PFAFF®, and Singer® sewing, quilting, and embroidery machines, but every other brand too. All work is performed by trained, qualified technicians to ensure that your machine gets the scrutiny and attention to detail you expect.

Why get a TLC Tune-up?
In common with any other mechanical device, sewing machines need an occasional TLC Tune-up to keep them functioning properly. Whenever fabric gets cut or even just rubbed, a small part of it breaks free. Where does it go? If you’re sewing, into your sewing machine, clogging up the works, causing extra wear and tear on the bits inside which in turn can lead to parts failures, such as overworked motors burning out. So a little maintenance goes a long way, and saves you money and aggravation in the long run.

What we do for your sewing machine when it gets a TLC Tune-up:
Thoroughly clean all inner workings and lubricate where required.
Examine the needle plate, bobbin case, driver, & hook, remove burrs and any rough bits, polish and clean.
Clean the feed dogs and gears, lubricate the gears.
Check the movement of the needle and presser foot shafts, clean, and ever so lightly lubricate.
Check timing & tension, adjust as required.
Insert a new needle, centre, and adjust height if required.
Re-thread, test stitch using both forward and reverse stitches.
Clean the exterior.
Give it a hug.
(Additional service, and hugs, are required for electronic machines and sergers.)

How often should your machine get a TLC Tune-up?
If you use your machine frequently (more than 4 times per week), give it a TLC Tune-up every 6 months, otherwise once a year should do the trick. If your machine has been sitting idle for more than a year (shame on you), best to give it a TLC Tune-up before starting it up again.

TLC Tune-up rates:
Sewing machines and sergers, from $99
Embroidery units, from $39
(A $50 deposit is required when you bring your machine in for TLC Tune-up. Should additional parts and/or labour be required, we will contact you with an estimate of cost before proceeding.)

Standard shop rates:
Shop rates are $100 per hour, parts extra. When a TLC Tune-up is not requested, a $50 fee is required to examine your machine to determine what repairs may be needed. We will then contact you with an estimate of costs to do the work, the examination fee being applied toward the cost of repairs should you choose to proceed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
As with everything else done at The Sewing Machine, all service is guaranteed.

Note: Quoted TLC Tune-up and shop rates do not include HST.

We service them all, and service them well.