Clothing alterations & repairs

Broken zipper? We can fix that.

New outfit too big, pant hem too long, or shirt sleeve dragging down to the knuckles? We can fix that too.

Even if your clothes have become a little too snug over time (must have shrunk in the wash), or too short, we can often fix that too, making them fit just as well as (or better than) they used to.

Need a crest or patch sewn on? Or maybe just a button replaced. We can do that too.

In fact, with very few exceptions if you can wear it, The Sewing Machine can alter and repair it. It’s our job to make both you and your garment look great, regardless of style (formal to casual) or material (chiffon to leather). So whatever cherished challenge you may have hiding in your cupboards bring it in. We’re here to help, all work guaranteed, no appointment necessary.

The Sewing Machine, where the experts work with you.